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Hoarder Cleanup Service in Arizona


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If you find yourself in need of hoarder cleanup in Arizona, contact Arizona Accident and Trauma Services for immediate assistance. For some, we know it can be hard to get rid of treasures that holds many memories. Although, if your collection of past belongings begins to take over your home, you may require cleanup services. Admitting you need help in situations such as these can be embarrassing. This is why at AAT, we are non-judgmental. Our company will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable throughout the cleanup process. Your well-being is important to us and we will do what is necessary to ensure your home is returned back to a livable condition.

We Provide Discreet Services 

At AAT, we use unmarked vehicles and trailers to protect your privacy during the cleanup process. Our team of experts will efficiently remove waste from your home, and sanitize and deodorize the area in a discreet manner. This is so you don’t have worry about your house being on display to the public. Through the use of special equipment, we’ll make sure your residence is free of biohazards and ensure it is safe for all inhabitants. Extensive hoarding can often lead to serious health concerns, so we do our best to eliminate all clutter and components that could cause illnesses and harm in the future..

Many people do not realize the health and safety hazards associated with hoarding cleanups. In addition to moving mounds of material, hoarding situations are often exacerbated by filth, unknown bacteria growth, and animal feces or remains.

In each situation, AAT follows a strict protocol to ensure proper removal and disinfection of biohazardous materials while adhering to local, state, and federal regulation. We understand these are sensitive situations, which is why we provide immediate assistance with discretion and care.