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Meth Lab Clean Up in Arizona


service1 Meth Lab Cleanup

If you own a property that has been used as a meth lab, you may require assistance from Arizona Accident and Trauma Services. All facilities used as meth labs must undergo special testing to determine if professional decontamination services are needed. If so, AAT is your go-to company in the state of Arizona. Our team of trained professionals is equipped to clean and sanitize all areas that have been utilized for meth labs. and may still contain harmful residue. If you’re property needs to be properly sanitized and disinfected, contact AAT. We will have cleaning specialists on the job to handle the task in no time.

AAT Provides Professional and Effective Meth Lab Cleanup

Toxins left behind after a meth lab is shut down can cause serious health problems. They can be accidentally ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin, which can result to illness. In addition to this, chemicals used to create meth can be absorbed into carpet, drywall and HVAC systems. Due to this, there are many state regulations and ordinances that have to be followed in the process. Therefore, we can successfully restore a property back to a safe condition following the removal of a meth lab. AAT is a professional company that uses special equipment to clean properties affected by meth labs quickly and efficiently. Resulting in you to once again inhabit your property in a short period of time.