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Pet Hoarder Clean Up in Arizona


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Hoarding animals can lead to a series of health risks if the problem is not taken care of. Which is why it’s important to have a professional cleanup crew tackle the situation. At Arizona Accident and Trauma Services, we have a team of highly trained experts that can eliminate odors and biohazardous materials found in a house, business or an apartment affected by pet hoarding. Our employees have years of experience in decontamination and can discreetly sanitize all infected areas of a property quickly and efficiently. So if you’re in need of animal hoarder cleanup in Arizona, contact AAT. We will send over cleaning specialists to handle the job as soon as possible. 

ATT Offers Extensive Pet Hoarder Services

We know pet hoarding is a sensitive topic for many, and at ATT, we do not judge those affected by this practice. Our experts remain professional at all times. Therefore, we focus solely on returning the property back to a livable and safe condition. As a part of our pet hoarder cleanup process, we’ll remove almost anything. This can be everything from urine stains, fecal matter and animal droppings to foul odors and decomposing animals. Furthermore, we will also test the area following the cleanup to ensure it is free of all germs and bacteria. As a result, the property will be ready to be inhabited once again.